WKU World USA President


Lori Lantrip Stanley is the President for WKU World USA.  Lori is also the President

of Forms and Weapons Competition for WKU World International.  Lori is a 7th degree

Black Belt and has been on the International stage since 1987.  She has 10 World Titles

with WKA and WAKO under her belt.  Lori has also won various Karate Illustrated and

NASKA Grand Championships and Ratings titles and has been featured on ESPN.  Lori has

performed and been interviewed on the NBC’s Today Show.  She also was a member of

Team United Professionals and was also on the WAKO and WKA USA Teams.  Lori has

 been featured in martial arts publications including Official Karate, Fighter

Magazine, and was 1 of 5 women to be on the cover of the prestigious Karate Illustrated

which voted her fighter of the decade for the 80’s.  Since 2002 Lori has been working

diligently behind the scenes, hosting WKU World Championships in Orlando, Florida in

2008, 2012, and 2016.

WKU World USa directors

Jeff Doss

  • Director of Event Planning and Development East

  • Director of our East Region (South)


Mike Tobin

  • Director of Event Planning and Development West

  • Director of our Mountain Region.


Askia Allison

  • Director of Marketing and Media East

  • Director of our East Region (North)


Martin Amba

  • Director of Marketing and Media West

  • Director of our Pacific Region


Terry Creamer

  • Director of Rules, Referees/Judges, and Arbitration

  • Director of our Central Region

  • WKU World International Referee and Judge


Anthony Price

  • Director of Coaching Staff and our National WKU World Team

  • Head Coach


Norene Price

  • Director of National WKU World USA Team Management


Cierra Johnson

  • Assistant Team Management


Joe Brown

  • Assistant Team Management