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Welcome to the WKU World USA website. WKU World USA is excited to bring a new

National Organization to Sport Karate in 2021. The secret is we are not really new. We

have been in the United States for many years, but we are now spreading our wings in

a manner of speaking.  Before, we had a USA Team Trials to go to the WKU World Championships which

kind of put a limit on participation. WKU World USA is now ready to expand nationwide.


If you have been involved in Sport Karate you will probably know some of our World

Champions and Coaches. We have put together a Board of Vice Presidents and

Directors who are well known individuals who have an extensive background in Sport



We also will have 2 tiers of ratings National and International. We are also working on

a 3rd tier of ratings, Regional. That way we can cover all levels of competitors from the

youngest Under Belt to the oldest Black Belt.


With this platform we can develop competitors to excel to the top and beyond. Under

Belts, Juniors, and Adults can compete at the Regional or National level. Black Belt

Juniors and Adults can compete at the Regional, National and International levels.

Our goal is to provide a platform for our outstanding American Martial Artists to train

and develop into new and future Champions and give our current Champions a platform

to compete and gain International recognition as a true World Champion.

Spectator Rules
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